Life: Just Give it to Him

      So for my whole life I have been a dramatic person, very dramatic! (The smart readers just realized I was illustrating my point without meaning too. Oops.) But being dramatic doesn't mean I am open with my feelings. In fact I get so frustrated trying to get people to understand what I am feeling. The world's perception of women and their feelings seems to be that either they are not sure what they feel or the can constantly start an emotional conversation and express their feelings to the dot. (At least that's my over-emotional, hormonal, and opinionated teenager assessment of it. I am a great one to pick apart the problems or stereotypes of the world, huh?) But for me that is definitely not how it has worked.

     When I was young I had a very overactive imagination. And though my family did what they could to help me face my fears and learn to control my imagination I was left with the major amount of work. I got used to doing things on my own, taking care of things I was struggling with, and controlling my thoughts. Though that wasn't all bad just picture this, me going from little girl to teenager not knowing how to let people into my life. Even when good, character building things were happening and my relationship with God was growing, I could not let people in. But when you learn to rely on yourself over other people you end up feeling like this:

     When what we need to be doing is talking to people. Not only do you end up shutting out people but you can end up shutting out God. He may be trying to get to you, trying to help you but you may be so focused on making sure you fix things you don't even hear Him.

He is trying to get in and help us. Open the door.

      Our trying to fix it on our own without help ends up creating a disconnect. We are trying so desperately to be godly and make ourselves like Him that we end up blocking out would could have been important. Just give it to Him. Give Him the burden, the stress, the frustration. Just give it all to Him, as well as open up to other people. God will work through others to help you if you only let Him. Stop trying to be a superhero and let your Creator take on the problem. He is the most capable to handle it. Just give it to Him.

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