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Black Friday Book Sales

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and right now you are probably sitting on the couch with the carb hangover and are wondering how you managed to consume so much after making the annual resolution to, "never eat so much again". But don't worry, Black Friday is here! And as you frantically shop you can work off Thanksgiving dinner. But for those of you who managed to restrain yourself from a third piece of pie, there is an easier way to do your Black Friday shopping. How? Book sales! To get you in the book buying mood, I have narrowed down 5 books that I am thankful to have read this year.  The Kings Scrolls, by Jaye L. Knight: A great addition to Ilyon Chronicles. The writing was still superb and the characters as charming and heart tugging as ever.                                             Hebbros, by Nicole Sager: Oh my goodness! This was definitely my favorite read of the year. There was such depth of characters, plot, faith, and the writing was done explicitly. …