Book Review: Hebbros by Nicole Sager

In a realm that feasts on wickedness, and a city that thirsts for power, the faithfulness of a few will be tested.

When members of his faith are exiled from the city of Hebbros, Luke vows to resist the forces that tore his family apart. Armed with a divine gift and the aid of friends, he undertakes to right a world of wrongs. Opposed on all sides by evil men determined to silence the Faithful and outlaw their powerful God, Luke’s small band will be tried and tested as they battle for truth, freedom, and the overthrow of rampant evil in their city.

Three years after Elaina’s world was turned upside-down, the former nobleman’s daughter still tastes the sting of bitterness. When an act of betrayal sends her north into slavery, Elaina finds herself face-to-face with the truth she has long resisted and a choice that will change her forever.

Brought together in a desperate attempt to pluck a remnant from destruction, Luke, Elaina, and a host of unforgettable characters will discover the greatness of the power of God, and the startling truth that some things are not what they seem.

     Okay, so I read the series this book was based off of and enjoyed it. The writing wasn't bad, the characters were like able, and the plot's pretty good. But when I read this book I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Personally I felt this book deserved to be ranked with books and series such as, The Ilyon Chronicles, Firmament, NEVER etc.

     The skill of the writing was stupendous. One thing that is hard to do is get an equal balance of description. Too much leaves you feeling annoyed and like you had to walk through a dangerous bog in Middle Earth. Whereas too little ends up making me feel confused about what's going on and where the story is set. But the amount of description in this book was perfect for me personally. And one thing I really admire about it is that Sager used words that felt true to her. Words, I wouldn't use, or some other authors wouldn't use but they were words that were true to her, it made you feel her in the story far more than you would have otherwise. Another thing I liked about her writing was that she allowed her male characters to cry, well truly cry isn't the proper word. Sob your guts out tears is more like it. It made them deeper, I feel like a lot of writers get it stuck in their head that their male characters must have no tears. Which in my opinion is idiotic considering the depths of emotion all of us humans experience. I understand that females tend to cry more often but that doesn't mean you should strip your male leads of all open emotion. Nicole was able to allow her men to show open emotion and still leave you feeling they were strong, manly, and a force to be reckoned with. That deepened the whole book incredibly. The descriptions of places and characters were consistent and even though Sager took artistic liberty with the appearances of her characters she left enough open for the readers to create their own picture of the characters. Also I felt that there was a good deal of humor in this book, which it needed. If it hadn't had it it would have been too overwhelming. So the amount of humor I liked very much. And it humor I could actually enjoy, lots of writers try to be funny but I just can't connect. This, however, sent me chuckling aloud or randomly grinning-earning me several questioning looks from my family.

     Now, as to the characters. They were magnificently done. Each one exciting or special in their own way, and they had a great depth. This book was so long that the characters felt like friends. They were developed very well, and at a good speed. Many people have their characters-in thoughts, hearts, and actions-go from point A to point E without landing on the places in between. Even in some of Nicole Sager's earlier books she did the exact same thing, but her writing has grown incredibly and she was able to have consistent development in her characters, that is something that truly shows the skill of the writer. Bravo. I won't say too much about each character but I can assure you no matter who you are you will be able to find a favorite character in the vast assortment of enjoyable characters. My favorite being Luke.

     Plot wise it was great! It was deep with meaning and there was tons of excitement without it being overly dramatic. I could read this book over and over again as once you have read a few chapters in you wish to read the whole thing again, a hefty challenge considering it is like 600 pages long. I liked the little pieces woven in from the earlier Arcrean series. Throughout all her books Sager has been good at putting little pieces of previous or future books in the present book. And I found it fun that she was able to weave in an element from her 3rd book in the Arcrean series. I always find this very cool. She did a good job surprising me. Like I have said before, I like to be surprised in books. I want to be able to figure some of it out but not all, I want to think I have it completely figured out and have it turn out something was completely different than I thought. By putting so much mystery and intrigue into books the author is guaranteeing that their readers want to read on. And I did....constantly. Like seriously, I couldn't stop reading it.

      Overall I would like to express my deep admiration at Nicole Sager's book Hebbros. Not only admiration but thanks for further opening my imagination and ability to define skill in writing and how to grow in it. Truly this book was a pleasure. Totally 5 stars out of 5!

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