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Live Now

Have you ever wanted to escape the mundane bore of daily life? Have you had visions of New Zealand-ish type landscapes floating about in your head, thinking,

"I want to do something important and exciting!"

Truth is, you are doing something important...I had had my head in the clouds, thinking of adventures in beautiful lands, dangerous quests, and hard fights. I have experience extreme wanderlust. But you know what? The people in the stories who are actually experiencing those things have one consistent thought on their mind. Home. What they do is usually for the love of home, to keep the beautiful, wholesome things they love safe.

Having realized this I am glad to be where I am. I wouldn't leave for the world. I am content to stay in this moment, this day, this house, this family, this life.

The life I am living hereand now is the adventure! This is the journey. It's time to take our heads out of the clouds and bring them back to reality.

Every moment we spend wishi…