Common Misconceptions: The Epiphany

     I turned a year older yesterday. It got me thinking on my goals and aspirations. Here is an simplified version of  how my thought line progressed:

     "As I am older now I should know more about my ambitions, goals, and who I am." It then progressed to: "Why don't I know more about my ambitions, goals, and who I am? What's the matter with me?!?!?" Then I realized I am only a teenager!  *facepalm* How in the world should I have all that figured out? Why should I have to have that figured out! It makes no sense.

      I started to think more and more deeply about it. Why do some many young people seem to think that in the near future-while probing the depths of their soul-they will find their life's calling. And while that may  be the case occasionally most of the time it just doesn't happen that way. And as we see with the eyes of humans there is no way of knowing what is going to happen in the future. Only God knows that. But until the future becomes the present we are like paint, waiting to be slapped (I know "slapped" is quite a brash word for it, but sometimes there is no other way to describe it. When life catches you by surprise, often in a bad way, you do feel quite "slapped"!) onto life's canvas. As God is the artist he is the only one that knows where we going to be placed on that canvas. So we may not understand what's going on in our life. We may be like, "what the heck is going on!?!?! What are my dreams and my ambitions? Who am I?" Here's the answer. You are an unfinished painting. Though a beautiful work of art you aren't fully formed yet. Beautiful, but unfinished.

      We feel like our search for our "goal" is clouded by all the other junk or beauty that is currently a part of our  life.What may seem like random pieces of your life whether that be trials, victories, or small experiences. They  are all there for a reason. And at the right moment will be strung together like a beautiful necklace with a unique pattern. The pattern will ultimately lead to an important part of you part of you. Big or small, good or bad it will be some part of who you are. What's happening in the here and now can be your goal. Because you are becoming the person you need to be. And once you are that person you can do whatever it is that God put you on this earth to do. And for all you know you are doing some of it now. So don't feel bad if you don't have your destiny pre-planned, organized, and having brought a lunch bag with you. Cause it probably wouldn't have happened like you had planned anyway. Just focus on now, and with Jesus' help you'll make it to be the person you need to be so that you can do the things you need to do.

      Challenge common misconceptions like this. When you do have epiphanies about misconceptions like this you realize the world would gladly have you believe one thing when the truth may be something totally different.

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