Book Review: Brothers and Betrayal by Sarah Holman

A boy, running for his life

A princess, trying to save her people 
And an archer who seeks to defend the defenseless 

Bryon, after witnessing his brother’s murder, takes his sisters and flees into the woods to a mysterious figure known as The Archer who lives there. But though he finds temporary safety, bitterness threatens his heart. 

Brianna only wants to help the people of Taelis, but her father, the king, seems bent on making life hard for all of them. She works tirelessly to save the kingdom from war, while secretly helping The Archer. 

Join the adventure in...Brothers and Betrayal

     So I reviewed the first book in the Taelis series and gave it about 3 stars. The second book in the series was much improved. This, I believe, is something that any writer would be glad to hear.

     The plot was much improved and quite enjoyable, the points the author was trying to get across were done well. This was a book I would read again.

     The characters were like able and easy to connect to. My favorite had to be Brianna, though I liked the others as well. What I didn't like is that The Archer was inconsistent. He was supposed to be this really Godly, father figure type of person. And he was but in some respects, but at the same time he was cocky and prideful when it came to the whole Robin Hood plot line. There were times when he was full of it, but then there were other times when he was super humble. 
     I did not like that he used fear as a weapon, it wasn't ethical. Yet he wouldn't allow killing, even if needed to keep someone else alive. 

     So there were some inconsistencies, and not everything was perfect but she definitely had improved herself. A solid 4 stars!

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